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PegzList is now ONLINE!

10-01-2014 00:00:00

Peggy Lewis, founder of PegzList has been providing designer services for over 25 years primarily focusing on the hospitality industries where she designs resorts for a living.  In between her larger jobs, when she could fit them into her schedule, she would take on high-end residential projects. Through these projects, she found that her clients had been seeking a way to divest themselves of their high-end, name brand pieces in favor of a new or different look.

Peggy also realized that the technology available could be used to create a resource where people could resell the pieces that they paid thousands of dollars to aquire, for a reasonable price when it came time to redesign their spaces.

And thus, was born. It is a new system, that even realtors can reccomend to their clients when moving or downsizing. PegzList also appeals to consignment stores so that they can extend their reach into the cyber-world.

Additionally, PegzList is an outlet for manufacture's to list their one-of-kind, sample or blemished items, stock overruns, and remainder inventory.

Therefore, PegzList has not only become a great place for the public to shop, but also a new and powerful resource for designers to find that perfect piece their clients are seeking.

We hope you'll see that PegzList is now the place, where everyone can locate both new, like-new, or slightly used designer furniture and excellent accessories at attractive resale prices.  It's a resource using state-of-the-art classified ad technology, to help you navigate through the maze of reselling.